Welcome to Dagster's documentation!

Dagster is a data orchestrator for machine learning, analytics, and ETL

These are the sections of our docs:


Quick instructions on how to install Dagster.


An introduction to Dagster main concepts through a set of examples and accompanying explanation. Start here if you're new to Dagster and want to ramp up.


Each page is a code example with accompanying explanation. Come here to learn how to do specific things with Dagster, like conditionally execute part of a pipeline or write solids that use PySpark.


Each page in this section is a detailed explanation of a Dagster concept or component. Come here to deepen your understanding of the system.


A set of references for how to deploy Dagster.


Steps to take when troubleshooting problems with Dagster.


Our code of conduct, guidelines for contributing, release policy, and links to our Github and Slack.